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Aplicaciones Musicales para móviles – Inception

¿No has visto la película “Inception” (en España se extrenó como “Origen”?
Posiblemente sea una de las mejores – si no la mejor – de las películas que se han estrenado este 2010.
Por supuesto, su campaña de marketing se ha extendido también al terreno de la telefonía móvil, con una aplicación para iphone.
La estupenda banda sonora de Hans Zimmer adquiere en esta aplicación un protagonismo especial.
De entrada, sólo podremos acceder a la aplicación con auriculares, para no estropear la experiencia auditiva. Y después, completaremos diferentes puzzles relacionados con nuestra experiencia diaria para obtener todas las fases o “sueños”
Os dejamos un vídeo sobre la aplicación, aunque lo más recomendable, sin duda, es probarla si tenéis un dispositivo móvil compatible.

Ipad Transforms Autistic Boy’s Life

When one begins to search the Internet for news about how technology can be used in therapy, it becomes increasingly clear that the Ipad is a firm favourite as the great selection of Apps allow you to adpat this device to many special needs.

I can assure you that I do not work for Apple and I don’t even own an Ipad but the more I read about it, the more I can understand why people rave about it.

My latest encounter with the marvels of the Ipad, came when I read the story of a mother of an autistic boy whose life was transformed when he won an Ipad in a raffle ticket draw.

Read the complete story here.

Ipad Helps Patients in Hospital

In our previous post we talked about doctors using the Ipad, but this device is proving to be such a revelation that its uses go much further in this field.

Ashland Community Hospital in Oregon, U.S.A  gives their patients Ipads to use during their stay in hospital, to keep in touch with their families, play games etc. and generally to make them feel a bit better.

I must admit that when I first read about the Ipad, I instantly thought of its potential for patients, especially children who may be in hospital for long periods of time. The Ipad can be a source of entertainment; images, video, music and information, and in this way can help to relieve the boredom patients can face when in hospital. However, more importantly the Ipad can be used for child patients who are away from school for long periods, to keep up with their schoolwork and to communicate with their teachers and classmates.

Read the article.

Ipads for Doctors

Technology is a fundamental part of medicine today and when it is combined with the expertise of medical professionals, illnesses can be investigated, treated or relieved.
Hospitals use computers to keep patients’ medical records and now the Ipad, is to be used in hospitals in Victoria, Australia to enable doctors to visualize patient information or have access to the Internet as they move around the hospital. This would give them on-the-spot access to necessary information.
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