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Lançamento do livro “Musicoterapia e Autismo: teoria e prática”, em Porto Alegre

Salientamos que o evento é de inteira responsabilidade da entidade abaixo mencionada, restringindo-se o Instituto Autismo & Vida à divulgação da informação à sociedade, em cumprimento ao objetivo institucional de disseminar informações sobre o autismo.

O musicoterapeuta Gustavo Schulz Gattino convida a todos para o lançamento de seu livro “Musicoterapia e Autismo: teoria e prática” que acontecerá no dia 22 de agosto, às 19h, na Livraria Cultura do Shopping Bourbon Country (Porto Alegre/RS).

No evento gratuito, a publicação estará à venda por R$ 40.


1. Autismo: uma breve revisão;
2. Processamento auditivo-musical no Autismo;
3. Aspectos químicos e biomoleculares sobre música e Autismo;
4. História da Musicoterapia aplicada ao Autismo;
5. Avaliação em Musicoterapia aplicada a pessoas com Autismo: uma visão geral;
6. Modelos de Musicoterapia aplicados ao Autismo;
7. Musicoterapia aplicada a crianças com Autismo para auto-organização e estabelecimento de limites;
8. A integração audiovisual em Musicoterapia como proposta de atendimento para pessoas com Autismo;
9. Musicoterapia aplicada à comunicação e interação social de pessoas com Autismo;
10. Sugestão para uma sessão de Musicoterapia para crianças e adultos com Autismo.

Lançamento “Musicoterapia e Autismo: teoria e prática”
Data: 22 de agosto, às 19h
Local: Livraria Cultura do Shopping Bourbon Country (Av. Túlio de Rose, 80 – Porto Alegre/RS)
Evento gratuito

Historia de un niño con Autismo

A veces cosas como esta pasan desapercibidas y son las que verdaderamente nos ponen a prueba a los seres humanos…


Autism Music Therapy – How Music Truly Helps Autistic People

Music is now a new method that is being used for autistic patients. If other methods have been tried in the past and there is not much response, instead of being discouraged, you would do well to try music as a method to treat the autistic patient. Many patients have been successfully treated as they have responded favorably to music – it has soothed their nerves and calmed them down. The main problem with autism is the lack of communication and difficulty in mingling socially. So, it is worth trying this new method of using music to get the patient to respond.

The main idea is to instill learning techniques, and there is no better way than using music to achieve this. The patient is not frightened of music and the brain responds in a positive manner. Also games can be played with music and an interaction with others can be achieved. In fact, musical instruments and singing can bring everyone together in a joyous mood and thus overcome a social milestone.

Music As Speech And Social Development Therapy

Musical therapy is a great way to help both younger and older autistic patients. It helps them in developing their speech, as music has a direct impact on the functions of the brain – both verbal and non-verbal. Part of the disorder of autistic patients is the inability to speak coherently. Different sounds emerge like grunting or sounds and cries and inaudible words that don’t make sense. There is no emotion in the attempt to communicate and it sounds monotonous. Therefore, music which could include humming or clapping, can ignite the patient and make him respond.

Autistic patients usually like music and respond favorably to it. It does not frighten them, but, on the other hand, provides a soothing effect. Some of them have a good pitch, and there are others who have an aptitude for musical instruments and if trained, can play well. Although they may not compare to regular standards, it is a known fact that their musical abilities surpass their other skills.

Music thus has a favorable effect on autistic patients – it helps with their speech and with their interaction with other individuals, thus developing communication and behavior, and most of all, it does wonders for their memory. All these different techniques when used by professionals in the field, can help autistic patients to a great degree, so if you have tried other options and have not been able to get the desired response, music is the way to go as a new and soothing method to treat an autistic patient.

Source: Asanway

Ipad Transforms Autistic Boy’s Life

When one begins to search the Internet for news about how technology can be used in therapy, it becomes increasingly clear that the Ipad is a firm favourite as the great selection of Apps allow you to adpat this device to many special needs.

I can assure you that I do not work for Apple and I don’t even own an Ipad but the more I read about it, the more I can understand why people rave about it.

My latest encounter with the marvels of the Ipad, came when I read the story of a mother of an autistic boy whose life was transformed when he won an Ipad in a raffle ticket draw.

Read the complete story here.

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